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Psssst!   Got any queens you don't want?

Any queen will do because DARG, Devon Apicultural Research Group, wants to examine any spare queen available in its widely appreciated effort to add to understand why so many queens seem to fail so early in their lives.

Of course the answer is not going to be a simple one. Although DARG members are mostly well experienced beekeepers, few are full time professional scientists. Nevertheless, with the support and involvement of active Devon specialist researchers we believe we have made at least a small contribution to a better understanding of the current apicultural enigma of frequent failing queens.  Dr. Declan Schroeder at the Marine Biological Association laboratory in Plymouth, has made a significant contribution to international understanding of Deformed Wing Virus and acknowledges our contribution to his investigations.

DARG's work was recognised last year when the Group achieved the Pinnacle Prize in the worldwide Vita Bee Health Award Event.  Details of the award and the DARG study can be found on the DARG website

We are continuing the work this year and so far we have collected over 50 queens but we need as many as possible.  In the next few months many queens born this year will fail if recent past experience is repeated. We also need spare virgin queens, and older healthy but redundant queens to examine.  We do need them alive so that they can be fixed and prepared humanely and consistently.  There are 20 collectors across the region who have the equipment to manage this part of the project and their contact details are on the DARG website and your nearby collectors are listed below.  

So if you think you have a candidate queen for the investigation just make the most convenient contact. (CLICK HERE TO SEE LIST OF CONTACTS)

Her contribution to beekeeping may be more valuable  post mortem than in her active life as a hive queen.

Congratulations to DARG

2015 Vita Bee Health Initiative Award Winners

The Pinnacle Winner of the first Vita Honeybee Health Initiative Award is a research project run by the UK Devon Apicultural Research Group (DARG) potentially involving hundreds of beekeepers as well as professional scientists investigating honeybee queen fertility.

Read the full story by following this link


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