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Small Hive Beetle




On 25 July 2016 Aethina tumida adults have been confirmed in an unregistered apiary located in the municipality of Grimaldi in the province of Cosenza. Subsequently, three other apiaries of the same unregistered beekeeper were found infested in the same municipality of Grimaldi and in the municipality of Altilia (in this case both adults and larvae were found).


Infested apiaries are located about 100 km from the protection zone of Gioia Tauro established in September 2014 following the first discovery of small hive beetle. The Ministry of Health has issued instructions for the destruction of the infested apiaries, the clinical inspections of hives present in a kilometre radius, the establishment of a protection zone of 10 km radius.

September 2016 - Asian hornet nest found and destroyed

An Asian hornet nest (image 1) has been located and destroyed by experts in the Tetbury area. The nest (image 2) was found at the top of a 55 foot tall conifer tree (image 3). Inspectors from the National Bee Unit are continuing to monitor the area for Asian hornets alongside local beekeepers. However to date, no live hornets have been seen since the nest was removed.

We urge anyone to report suspect Asian hornet sightings to alertnonnative@ceh.ac.uk.

Further guidance on the Asian hornet can be found on the Asian hornet pages of Beebase where you will find a very useful Asian hornet ID sheet sheet and Asian hornet poster which is available for identification purposes.