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President's Day and AGM

Saturday 11 March 2017

The Bridge Suite,  ISCA Centre, Summer Lane, Whipton, Exeter EX4 8NT


  9.30  Coffee Tea/Biscuits (no charge)

10.00  Welcome by DBKA President, Colin J Sherwood
      - Presentation of Education Certificates
      - Presentation of Frank Alston Memorial Skep
      - Presentation of Downing Memorial Bowl by Jim Mogridge, 2016 winner

10.30  Annual General Meeting led by DBKA Chairman, Christopher Smith.  

         (Agenda & Account below)

11.15  Break

11.30  Presentation by Richard Ball who replaces Dr Declan Schroeder who is unable to attend

12.30  Lunch

An Executive Council Meeting will follow at 13.00

NB: A good, reasonably priced, selection of meals and sandwiches is available in the restaurant alongside the Bridge Suite. If you require lunch, please order on arrival.


View Agenda in PDF


View Annual Report in PDF format


Registered Charity No 270675

General Secretary - Barry Neal, Badgers Barn, Withacott, Langtree, Torrington EX38 8NL

01805-601715; 07789-435477; gen.sec.dbka@gmail.com

Annual General Meeting to be held at the Bridge Suite, the ISCA Centre,

Summer Lane, Whipton, Exeter EX4 8NT on Saturday 11th March 2017 at 10.30 am


1. Opening by the Chairman

2. Apologies for absence; an attendance sheet will be provided

3. Approval of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 19th March 2016; there were no

matters arising

4. General Secretary’s Report on behalf of the Executive Council

5. Statement of Accounts from the Treasurer & Presentation of FY16/17 Budget

6. BBKA Country Membership option

7. Election of DBKA Officers

All nominees have indicated their willingness to stand

Questions may be asked or matters raised in connection with any reports presented to the meeting

Barry Neal

General Secretary

30th January 2017

Gen Sec AR 2016 Registered 1 of 2 Charity No. 270675


Registered Charity No 270675

General Secretary - Barry Neal, Badgers Barn, Withacott, Langtree, Torrington EX38 8NL

01805-601715; 07789-435477; gen.sec.dbka@gmail.com

General Secretary's Annual Report 2016

 on behalf of the Executive Council

The DBKA President, Colin Sherwood, welcomed members to the 2016 President’s Day, mentioned the warm, wet winter that we had all experienced, reminded everyone about the Devon County Show and the deadline for exhibit entries, and that the President’s Day was an opportunity to recognise the significant achievements of members throughout the previous year. At the AGM a vote of thanks was recorded for Chris Utting who had stepped in at short notice as Examinations Secretary following the resignation of the previous post holder. An Education Officer had been co-opted until the 2017 AGM. There were still vacancies for the roles of Spray Liaison Officer and County Microscopy Co-ordinator.

Departed DBKA Colleagues - 2016 has seen the sad departure of several of our colleagues.

David Loo of Exeter, a founder member of DARG; Sue Stephens of Okehampton; Gordon Hill of

Tiverton, a past Chairman & President of DBKA, and a member of DARG & BIBBA; Chris Tozer of

North Devon, a past-Chairman of the Branch; Kay Thomas of North Devon, a Master Beekeeper,

former Chairman & President of DBKA, and a National Honey Judge; and Kingsley Law of Torbay, a former General Secretary of BBKA, former President of DBKA, and a member of DARG. David,

Gordon, Kingsley, and Kay had all been recipients of the prestigious DBKA Downing Memorial Bowl.

EC Meetings. There were 6 EC meetings in 2016; 5 at Meldon Village Hall and one in Exeter

following the AGM. Some of the significant outcomes from those meetings were:

a. Internet Banking - the DBKA Treasurer had investigated how this could be achieved for

the County, recognising that similar issues would be likely to arise for Branches. The

County banks with Barclays and there is now a dual authorisation process in place for ALL

transactions, both cheques and internet based. This is how the account is currently set up,

but in practice the bank does not check signatures on cheques on a regular basis.

Internet banking applies the rule absolutely, and the dual authorisation process is working

very well.

b. Deformed Wing Virus Research - Declan Schroeder (Marine Biological Association

(Plymouth)) was seeking support & funding so that he could seek further funding

elsewhere. BDI had previously provided funding for the same research. Further

discussions had been held with Declan with no firm conclusions or decisions being made.

c. DBKA Budgets - the budget for the following FY would be set at September EC

meetings, approved by the Trustees, and presented to the membership at AGMs. An EC

Financial sub-Committee had been established which would inform the EC about financial


d. Branches - the November Branch AGMs had seen several changes to Branch Chairmen,

Branch Secretaries, and Branch Delegates to the EC (DBKA Trustees).

e. President's Fund - a President’s Fund has been established to provide a source of funds

so that DBKA can support requests from various national & international organisations that

also support the honey bee, bodies that are involved with honey bee related research, and

other similar requests. That support will strictly be in accordance with DBKA’s aims as a

registered charity. The fund would be resourced primarily through monetary

contributions from the general public; although it has been ‘kick-started’ with a £250 grant

from DBKA central funds. It is hoped to introduce collections for the start of the show

season, including at the 2017 Devon County Show.

f. BBKA Country Membership - Associate or Social Members of DBKA wishing to have

Country Membership of BBKA will be offered this upon additional payment of the £9.50

Country Membership capitation fee.

g. Insurance - the EC has endorsed the need for beginners to have public liability

insurance cover by the time they get to any ‘practical/active’ phase of a Beginner’s Course.

Gen Sec AR 2016 Registered 2 of 2 Charity No. 270675

h. Asian Hornet press comment - some material was being drafted, but anyone contacted

by the press should refer the matter to DBKA County Officers.

BeeCraft Magazine - we are the holder of 84 shares in this magazine and the 3 required trustees had been appointed by the EC as shareholders - Christopher Smith, Tony Lindsell and Alan Binge.

DBKA Governing Document Review - when the Governing Document was adopted, an undertaking was given to review the document on its first anniversary in the light of experience; this resulted in some minor amendments.

Devon County Show - 2016 was a year of mixed achievements. Once again the weather was a factor and so was the number of visitors, or lack of them. The marquee looked very attractive and was full of interesting displays about bees and being a beekeeper but, sadly, on the first two days there were scarcely any visitors to share this with; on the Saturday attendance picked up, but not nearly enough, and it rained pretty much all day which didn’t help. The competition, though down on exhibits a little, was back up to standard. The Judges were pleased with the exhibits and awarded the Blue Ribbon to Brahim Meraga of Tiverton Branch for 2 beautifully prepared sections.

Okehampton was a worthy winner of the Stevenson Trophy with a terrific game resembling snakes and ladders, but with bees. The marquee was assembled, decorated and stewarded to a very high standard, and we were given numerous compliments by those who did visit. Live Bee Handling had 19 people through in the first 2 days; very popular!

Spring & Autumn Lectures - it had been considered whether or not there was an appetite for

these lectures, in addition to the Holsworthy Convention and South Devon Convention, and it has agreed that DBKA should continue to explore opportunities for these lectures.

DBKA Yearbook - DBKA was fully committed to the protection of personal data and the website log-in details had been removed from Beekeeping magazine. The Yearbook is now more accurate on-line as amendments are made as and when they occur. Members always had the right to opt-out of their personal details being published. The ICO is a UK independent regulatory authority with the aim to improve information rights practices, and reporting directly to the UK Parliament.

The ICO carries out its remit by taking an overview of all concerns that are raised about an

organisation with a view to improving its compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The ICO had reminded DBKA of its obligation to ensure that personal data was processed with appropriate

security. The Yearbook data is encrypted and accessed via a second, separate, password. The

website Members’ Area password would be changed at least annually at membership renewal time, and the Yearbook password would be changed at random. The ICO still favoured individual log-in and passwords for each individual member, but it was content with our present safeguards.

National Honey Show - we were represented at the 2016 National Honey Show by Chris Utting, Ruth Neal and Jack Mummery. DBKA continue its sponsorship of 2 classes.

VAT Proposal Update - the Chairman had expressed his significant concern over the general lack of support from BBKA. DBKA had received a letter from the Treasury Minister saying that the proposal would not be pursued. The BBKA President & Chairman have both stated that “When the time was right BBKA would move the initiative forward again”. BBKA would now take the lead; no further action was necessary from DBKA.

Policy Documents - several policy documents have been introduced with EC approval, covering Finance Policy & Procedures, the DBKA Certificate of Merit, Finance Reserves Policy, EC Declarations of Interest, Gift Aid, DBKA Competition Ribbons & Awards, and BBKA Propositions & Nominations. All DBKA’s policy documents are available in the Members’ Area of the website.

South-West Counties Joint Consultative Committee (SWCJCC). Two meetings had been

held in Somerset during the year.

Barry Neal

General Secretary

4th February 2017


View Statement of Accounts in PDF format

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