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Forthcoming Events

FOUR - TWO DAY COURSES - running at Blackbury Honey Farm near Sidmouth.

More details and online booking is available by following the links given.

Price per course, is £85 if booked early, or £100 at normal rate, as they are generously subsidised by the DEFRA Healthy Bees Plan. General information about the NDB can be found at www.national-diploma-beekeeping.org.

April 29th, 30th - Moving Beehives (Click for more information)

This new course is aimed at the enthusiastic and experienced beekeeper who wishes to take their first steps in establishing out apiaries, moving colonies to farmed crops, or generally moving bees between sites. The equipment demonstrated and used will be that which such a beekeeper is likely to have or to acquire, such as an estate car, small van, or car with a trailer. This two-day course is unusual in that it will feature overnight work, with students moving colonies between apiaries - the aim is to build skills and confidence through direct experience.

Tutors: Ken Basterfield, NDB & Dan Basterfield, NDB

June 3rd, 4th - Queen Raising (Click for more information)

We will develop an understanding of the processes of stock selection and queen raising, utilising a mix of classroom and apiary tuition and exercises. Students will participate in all the key practical elements of a queen raising programme. This course is intended to provide attendees with sufficient information and insight to establish or expand queen mating operations for themselves or for an Association. This course will also be of great interest to anyone considering studying the BBKA Module 7 (Selection and Breeding of Honeybees, a.k.a. Queen Rearing) examination.

Tutors: Ken Basterfield, NDB & Dan Basterfield, NDB

July 22nd & 23rd - Botany for Beekeepers (Click for more information)

We will examine in detail plants and their importance to bees. In particular students will gain an understanding of the special relationship between honey bees and flowering plants, including the processes of pollination and fertilisation, cross pollination strategies, pollinator signals and an appreciation of the major bee forage plants of the UK. Mainly classroom based with a number of practical elements, the course will also include a botany walk exercise aimed at identifying and listing common bee flowers. The course will be beneficial to beekeepers in general and those intending to take BBKA Module 2, ‘Honey bee products and forage’.

Tutors: Tony Harris, NDB & Margaret Murdin, NDB

October 7th & 8th - Anatomy & Dissection (Click for more information)

Studying honeybee anatomy helps beekeepers understand how bees have are able to carry out the many and varied tasks they perform. Honeybees have been evolving for 100 million years and have become superbly adapted to survive and prosper in their environment. The aim of this course is to study, explore, and gain an understanding of honeybee anatomy, and to learn the techniques required to carry out successful dissection. This course will be of interest to anyone studying towards the BBKA Microscopy certificate, and to support further practical study by students preparing for BBKA Module 3 (Honeybee Pests, Diseases & Poisoning) or Module 5 (Honeybee Biology).

Tutors: Ken Basterfield, NDB & Dan Basterfield, NDB

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