Asian Hornet Seminar

Saturday January 6th Venue, The Canal side Conference Centre, Bridgewater.

Registration from 9.30 Welcome 10am


Beekeepers from the South West (SWBKF, South West Beekeepers Forum) have got together to organise a much-needed Seminar on the Asian Hornet. This year we have seen a massive increase in the number of nests found in the U.K, this insect will change the face of Beekeeping we all need to be prepared. Aimed at any who are concerned about the threat not just to honey bees but to all insects who may become prey to this invasive insect.

If you have contacts with environmental groups or people who work in the Countryside and may , in the future come up against this insect, please encourage them to attend. We have a very busy day planned with talks from experienced hornet hunters and scientists.

  • Megan Seymour our regional bee inspector.
  • Alistair Christie, who organises the Jersey teams.
  • Sandra Rojas Nossa a Spanish scientist talking about the impact on biodiversity.
  • Bob Hogge will give us tales from the front line.

Aswell as the speakers we will be running a selection of workshops including;

  • Asian Hornets through the year, Dr Sarah Bunker.
  • Traps and bait stations, when, where, how, Colin Lodge and Bridget Knutson,
  • Practical tracking skills, Judith Norman, and Warwick Newson.
  • The role of the AHAT, Simon O’Sullivan and Gerry Stuart.
  • Recording Asian Hornets, using Epi-Collect and digital maps, Alistair Christie.

To register for the event and choose your workshops

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