Past Presidents

1875S Bevan Fox
1876Rev P Wiiliams
1877 to 1889W Horton Ellis
1900 to 1908records incomplete
1909 to 1918Sir Thomas Dyke Acland
1919 to 1922Rt Hon F D Acland MP
1923 to 1939Rt Hon Sir Francis Acland Bart CC
1940 to 1944R W Furse
1945Sir A Watson
1946F S Lee
1947H Winnicott
1948 to 1957Hon G Lambert MP
1958 to 1962Rt Hon Viscount Lambert
1963 to 1966Prof J Caldwell
1967 to 1971Brig C R Templar
1972 to 1974L J Thoday
1975Bro Adam
1976 to 1981records incomplete
1982 to 1984Ron Brown
1985 to 1987Basil Salter
1988 to 1991Kingsley Law
1992 to 1995Gordon Hill
1995 to 1998John Bruce
1998 to 2001Henry Morris
2001 to 2004Kay Thomas
2004 to 2007Dr Mick Street
2007 to 2010Bill Finnemore
2010 to 2013Roger Lacey
2013 to 2016Colin Sherwood
2016 to 2019Christopher Smith
2019 to 2022Tony Lindsell
2022 to nowLiz Westcott

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