Honours & Awards

The Downing Memorial Bowl

The Downing Bowl was presented by the South Devon Beekeepers in memory of Mr SAL & Mrs H Downing who died in 1962.  The South Devon Beekeepers’ Association (SDBKA) was a group of southern members which broke away from the DBKA in 1953 and returned in 1967.  In the first few years the Bowl was presented to the member of the former SDBKA making the most worthwhile contribution to the craft.  The handsome silver bowl is presented annually at the AGM, and the decision as to who should receive the award is decided by the Award Committee made up of the current and the previous 2 year’s recipients.  The panel does not suggest names themselves but choose from those names given to them.

The award has been made since 1965 and is currently given to the DBKA member who is considered to have contributed most to the Association in recent years.  Usually, this is to someone who has contributed at County Association level as well as for their Branch, but the nominee does not have to be a committee member.  It is a rule that it is not awarded to the same person more than once.  On four previous occasions it has been awarded to a husband and wife team.  Every name is considered and all names are kept confidential.

1965C J Jeffrey1966George Gill1967Eric Morison
1968R S Weatherburn1969Mr & Mrs F Wyatt1970W H Tunkin
1971H J S Clark1972R E G Green1973E D Milledge
1974Miss J K Hicks1975D M Hobbs1976E M Morison
1977Not awarded1978Mr & Mrs C A T Price1979George Gill
1980H W B Luxton1981B L Pritchard1982W E Paddison
1983Basil Salter1984Jack & Bar Trew1985Arthur Jones
1986P & Peggy Rosenfeld1987Kingsley Law1988Gordon Hill
1989Kay Thomas1990David W Loo1991Cyril R Gould
1992Frank Alston1993Ron Brown1994Jim Stevenson
1995Reg Gove1996Brian Gant1997Henry Morris
1998Len Davie1999Chris Utting2000Jenny Buckle
2001Glyn Davies2002David Milford2003Denis Giles
2004Mike Deane2005Jane Ducker2006Bob Ogden
2007Beryl Smailes2008Dr Mick Street2009Richard Ball
2010Roger Lacey 2011Alicia & Bob Normand 2012Nigel Lawrance
2013Richard Howes 2014Ruth Neal2015Stephen Ide
2016Jim Mogridge2017Colin Sherwood2018Barry Neal
2019Mike Ticehurst2020Jean French2021Lilah Killock

BBKA Honorary Member:
Glyn Davies

DBKA Honorary Member:

Mick Male
Jim Mogridge
Ruth Neal
Colin Sherwood
Mike Ticehurst
Chris Utting

BBKA Master Beekeepers:
Dan Basterfield; Ken Basterfield; Leslie Bill; Glyn Davies (w); Dr Mick Street; Chris Utting
(w) holder of the Wax Chandlers Prize for the highest national marks in their year.

National Diploma in Beekeeping (the highest qualification that can be obtained in the UK):
Dianne Askquith-Ellis; Ken Basterfield; Daniel Basterfield

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