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National and Commercial colonies

Various National and Commercial colonies available in May. Price will depend on colony size etc.
Will be sold with one or two supers.

There is also the potential to have several really good apiary sites in East Devon. This is subject to conditions.

For more information, please call 07910235891 or

Added 08/04/24
Wooden Nuc Box

Beautiful wooden nuc box for sale, excellent condition, barely used. Made from Western Red Cedar, comprising mesh floor with inspection tray and entrance block, BS deep brood box taking 6 frames and space for dummy board, crownboard with hole, and flat roof with metal lid. Roof metal slightly discoloured but otherwise box is in perfect condition. £50.

Photos available.
Contact: 07960 091698 (North Devon).

Added 04/03/24
6 Frame National Nucs

6 BS national DN4 frames with F1 Buckfast queen (2024) with BIAS and stores

Perfect for beginner beekeepers or increasing stock

Very docile bees. Includes sturdy travel box.

Available mid May 2024.

Phone: 07386-907036
Email: Harry Burrough

Added 12/02/24

5 & 6 Frame Nucs & Full Hives

BS National Standard or Commercial frames.
South Devon stock, home reared.
Overwintered & Spring stock.
Please call or email for further details.

Phone: 03333 034661
Web: Beeza Website

Added 01/02/24

5 and 6 frame overwintered nucs From gentle stock disinclined to swarm.
Available March onwards.
Please contact

Adam Vevers 07908 159189
John Lee 07720 809614

Added 2/11/23
Some 30 or more mostly wide Langstroth hives, complete with MD supers, bees and all.
£120 each.

Phone 07786 888619, Mid-Devon

Added 13/10/23

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